History of TSACA
The roots of the Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy (TSACA) were first formed on June 27-30, 1991 during the 1st National Congress of Anatomy which was organized in Bursa under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Çimen. The main aim of the foundation was to create a better setting for discussion between colleagues who practice the application of anatomy and those who study and teach anatomy.  The impetus for the Society was raised by Prof. Dr. M. Kaplan Arıncı, Prof. Dr. F. Türkân Erem, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Çimen, Prof. Dr. M. Doğan Akşit, Dr. İbrahim Tekdemir, Dr. Erdoğan Şendemir who became the first members of the executive committee. Accordingly, the first Council of the TSACA was elected as follows; Prof. Dr. M. Kaplan Arıncı (President), Prof. Dr. F. Türkân Erem (Vice-President), Prof. Dr. Ahmet Çimen (Secretary General), Prof.Dr. M. Doğan Akşit (Treasurer), Uz.Dr. İbrahim Tekdemir (Member).
This Council launched an initiative on the establishment of the association to Ankara Governorship and the bylaws of the association were adopted and came into operation upon its publication in the Official Gazette on 28th of October, 1991. The number of members of TSACA has grown to over three hundred by the time being.
Since its founding, the TSACA has grown in tradition, scope, and membership. Formerly, a national meeting was organized once in every two years, but now TSACA hosts an annual national meeting which is the premier venue for Turkish anatomists who want to keep abreast of scientific developments and exchange of fresh ideas in Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy. And since 2012, a winter meeting is also being organized by TSACA where the educational aspects of Anatomy are brought into discussion of all Turkish anatomists. Additionally post-graduate courses are offered annually.
The international reputation of TSACA started to spread to six continents by the efforts of past and present Councilors and with international meetings organized by the Society. As TSACA, we had the honor of hosting the 4th Congress of APICA (Kusadasi – 2005), the 10th Congress of EACA (Istanbul – 2009), the Joint Meeting of Anatomical Societies (Bursa – 2011), the 4th ISCAA (Ankara-2012) and 24th ISMS (Istanbul-2015) with perfect memories from the attendants of these meetings. Today, the meetings organized by TSACA have also earned an international popularity and draw international attendees even to our national meetings.